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PostSubject: Read here before posting or responding   Read here before posting or responding Icon_minitimeFri Jul 02, 2010 10:08 am

Ok i am the moderater of the forum, and since these rp can get a bit... kinky if unwatched i am here to lay down the law!

  1. All normal rules apply.
  2. There will be no sex or cybering at all.
  3. kissing and making out is aloud in moderation.
  4. you may not permanent kill off a character in a drama rp.
  5. if you are not sure if something is aloud or not... just don't post it.
  6. lastly, keep it pg13. even if you rate it differently, there is still a chance younger people will see it. plus i am a kid my self and don't feel like see anything to odd or disturbing.

thank you,
Your Admin Les_Hintiru
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Read here before posting or responding
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